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Let’s face it. We use excuses to get away from a lot of things in life. A little bit of self-soothing theory can lead to bad decision making. You reason yourself out of doing something by putting it off till the next day. But is it worth it?

People come up with excuses all the time to wiggle out of doing things. Even if it’s for their own benefit. Some of the biggest excuses people come up with are the ones linked with having to lose weight.

Here are some excuses that people come up with.

In other words, you can lose weight by eliminating the following thoughts:

1. I Don’t Have Enough Time

Take away the negative thought process. Instead, look at it this way. Time is something that everyone shares.  We all have 24 hours in a day. It’s what we do with that time that matters.

Losing weight means taking care of yourself – and you should definitely prioritize on it. Well, only if you don’t want to pay medical bills and be sick in a hospital bed. We know, it doesn’t sound pretty well…

2. I Don’t Know What To Do

The Internet is full of YouTube videos helping you lose weight. Also, there are other alternatives like hiring a trainer for a few sessions. Start small – and set your goal of learning exercises for each part of your body 10 for the back – 10 for the chest – 10 cardio ones – is a great way to start.

3. I Don’t Have Time To Eat Healthy

Oh yes you do. What you should do is learn how to manage your time better. Why not cook meals when you have time – and freeze them for when you don’t? Why not use the cooker a bit? Making changes gradually and adding healthy foods one at a time will definitely give you the proper healthy regimen you want. Plus, it will make you like the food – and the effects it has on your body!

4. I Can’t Cook

If you are not skilled in the kitchen, you should visit a cooking class or read a cookbook. There are tons of easy meals you can prepare yourself and get in the game.

5. I Love Candy

If you love candy, why not reward yourself and set Candy Awards for each thing you complete. Whether it’s a workout or a certain diet, candy will definitely taste better when taken as a reward for your good actions and intentions. Atta boy!

A Final Word

Losing weight will give you a peace of mind, a better body and a healthy spirit. You will look and feel better – and function in a better way. The fit life is definitely not complicated. After all, the excuses only exist to demotivate you.

What excuse are you going to overcome? Leave your answer in the comment section below.

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