Variation, eating on time, portion control/moderation, balance

Think about the last time you tried to shop for healthy foods on a budget in the supermarket. You wheeled your trolley through the doors with high hopes that you were going to save money and buy only the good stuff. You smiled and greeted an employee pushing your cart to the outside isles with the green vegetables. Then it happened. Maybe it was the subliminal music playing in the background influencing your shopping or just a glimpse of a colourful packages. You made a detour to center isles as if a magnet pulled you into the processed ,

Just stick to your list like the peanut butter on isle 4. Once you stick to your list it means that you won't stray. Unfortunately, most people will buy at least ten items that's not on their list. That would mean that if each item is at least $10.00 you would spend an extra $100.00. To stick to your list ensure you only write what you need. If you don't need or it does not help with your fitness goals don't buy it.

Don't go shopping when you have the munchies or feel hungry

Look for store-brands instead of national brand. This is not valid for all products, but often, store-brands are of good quality and good taste. If you’re able to give it a try for certain items, surely this can help lowering the bill. (search for percentage of about how low store brands are)

and pushed your cart unaware of the  listened to the nice music playing in the background. At some point in time you ventured into the inside isles amoung


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