Distractions will always keep you from achieving your fitness goals. They come in many forms. Some include holidays, birthdays, a twisted ankle, ill children and working late. Even fast food restaurants strategically situated between your place of work and your home.

These are the kind of distractions that will keep you from eating healthy and sticking to your training program. This means that you have to know what they are and how you can deal with them.

Begin by finding out the barriers to proper eating patterns and training. This ensures that you are ready for them so you can deal with them in a better way.

What Barriers Prevent You From Regularly Training And Eating Well?

  • Wondering where to begin? Well, since you are here – awesome start.
  • Are you ashamed of working out in a public place? Consider training from home until you have enough confidence to go to a gym.
  • Do you want to lose ten pounds? Set this as a goal with a deadline to keep you on track.
  • Do you have something to do later on in the day? Make your workout a priority and do it early so you don't find another excuse not to work.
  • Not motivated enough? Look at your goal again.

Assess your calendar or simply take a moment to think. What other barriers can you foresee interfering with your eating and training program? Will the people in your life become barriers? Or is it your work that will prove distracting? When you find issues determine the best solutions to overcoming them.

The process of beginning a new journey and a new routine is not an easy one. Hard work and focus is required to accomplish your fitness goals. The major problem that will keep you from achieving them is consistency. Consistency is important and will help you to keep moving forward. Even when you feel like you can’t or like you don’t want to.

How Do Achievers Deal With Barriers To Success?

Every man or woman who has made it in life has overcome barriers that could have kept them from becoming successful. Here are a few tips on how you can defeat barriers and become successful:

  • Belief

You may be of the belief that mistakes are a result of circumstances you can't control. This may cause you to perform at an average level. Therefore, your ideology is a powerful tool. Master the skill of dealing and learning from your mistakes to better yourself. Anyone who wants success should learn from their faults, understand what led to them and improve on them.

  • Thinking change is not overnight

To succeed you cannot deal with all your issues at once. Deal with each, one at a time before moving on to the next. For example, instead of changing your eating routine all at once, gradually modify it instead. If you are used to washing down your meals with soda, replace it with a glass of water and a slice of lemon. Stick to this new routine before moving on to another change.

  • Compete with yourself

You will not succeed by trying to keep up with other people. Create a personal record and aim to beat it. If you only managed to drink three glasses of water today, try and beat that number tomorrow. It's the simple victories that bring tremendous results.

  • Keep track of your progress

You can do this by measuring your weight or your waist in order to find out how much progress you are making. This information is going to keep you motivated.

  • Target behavior

You already know what you have to do to succeed, so pay attention to your behavior. If your goal is to lose weight, watch what you eat and workout each day.

  • You should not be scared of failure

Your flaws will help you become stronger and increase your endurance level. If you cannot reach your target number of exercise repetitions, keep trying and look for ways to improve your stamina. Instead of trying to run 2 miles and fail run 1 mile and succeed.

  • Sometimes focus on your weaknesses

Put more effort on what you are not good at rather than what you are good at doing. If running is not your forte, put more time in it. You'll get better at it.

  • Ask for help

Get a professional trainer to help you achieve your goals. The guidance you receive will help you achieve your goals much faster. 

  • Dedicate more time

Put more time in working out to improve your strength and stamina. When your training is more challenging and fun you look forward to it.

  • Cheerleaders

It is much easier eating healthy and training consistently when your family and  friends are supporting you. Let people know about your fitness goals.

Recognize Behaviors

Paying attention to behavior makes it easier to manage barriers. First, ask yourself what is keeping you from living an active healthy life. When you find your answers, take a pen and paper and write down the behaviors that you can use to control these barriers.

For instance, if you eat out often, start spending a little more time in your kitchen. When you prepare your meals you control the foods you eat. If you eat out then stick to healthier options. You can even ask the server for more vegetables or baked options.

There's no need to believe all hope is lost. You know what's keeping you back from achieving your fitness goals. The next step is implementing at least one action step you just read.


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I am Daniel, a Toronto-based fitness coach and yoga instructor. I’ve been helping my clients improve their health and set up their home gyms for over a decade. I teach people how to achieve perfect form with bodyweight exercise as well as how to select the most reliable rowers for fitness.

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