A DNA Diet is not something you hear about often. In fact, when you hear the word DNA you would most likely think about paternity tests and evidence at a crime scene. Combine DNA with Diet and you might come up with; a diet suited for your own genetic make-up.

Knowing the exact foods you need to put in your body might be the missing key for building your ultimate body. 

There are so many different diets it's hard to know which one is best for you. Some people might eat a ton of pasta and not gain any weight.

Others can't even look at it without their waistline expanding. However experts are making strides in connecting your DNA to your diet. Research has shown that genetics play a role in obesity and body composition.

Maybe the future is going to be one where you eat foods based on your body type. Nevertheless, the DNA diet won’t be the shortcut for developing your ultimate body. You will still need to exercise.

Weight loss is the goal for the majority of people. Hence the reason there are thousands of workout programs, diets and meal plans and thousands of products for losing weight.

Almost every day you see an infomercial about the latest workout dvd. It’s enough to confuse you into not making a decision and even when you do it’s a tough choice. The worldwide war on obesity is a tough one with many casualties. Nutritionists, dietitians and trainers need the best weapons to fight this war.

Most diets come and go. You might hear about it for a while then it fades into oblivion just dies. Does anyone remember the Atkins Diet? It focuses on cutting out carbohydrates and increasing protein intake. Obviously it is not main stream anymore. We all know the importance of carbohydrates as it’s the body’s main source of energy.

On the other hand the DNA diet looks at the most unique things about the individual, which is their genetic code.

How It Works:

The diet is founded in the field of nutrigenomics. This is the study of food interacting with your genes. You are sent a kit in the mail with the sole purpose of providing your DNA sample.

It is done by simply rubbing the inside of a cheek with a DNA swab. After this is done the lab guys are able to check your muscle activity, appetite control, metabolism and a few other genetic markers.

You might get a result that looks like this:

Low-Carb Diet

Eat 25-65 grams of carbohydrates a day

30% carbs

40% fat

30% protein

This might be a good diet for you DNA if you have excess weight around your waistline or high blood pressure. If your waist is more than 36 inches you may be at risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Your body may have difficulty processing sugar due to insulin resistance. You will have to lose about 10% of your bodyweight to reduce your blood pressure. Limiting refined white foods like white bread, pasta and starchy potatoes will be beneficial to your body.

With respect to exercise, fitness type genes may show a moderate proportion of slow-twitch muscle fibres but a high amount of fast –twitch fibres. You may also have a moderate tolerance to strength and endurance. A nice blend of cardio, high-intensity interval training and weights will help in your weight loss journey.

It’s fascinating to discover the level of information you can get by simply sending a sample of your bodily fluids to be tested. While you won’t get perfect information for your body, you’ll get insights about your health and potential diseases.

While prevention may be the best cure individuals lack motivation and drive to be consistent. They eventually need strategies that will help them achieve long-term weight loss. Knowing what foods to eat and what it does to your body might be the key to achieving the ultimate body.

Do you think the DNA Diet will help you achieve your ideal physique? Would you try it?

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