The Christmas season is here. Are You thinking of having a Wonderful Healthy Holiday?

Maybe not. Because there's an abundance of invitations to dinners and social gatherings.

It's a time for eats and sweets and the season to be jolly.  

However, the new year is around the corner and you'll soon be googling how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Weight loss will be at the top of your New Year's Resolutions.

You could throw caution aside and indulge. You might even love it. Or, you could strike a balance and indulge in moderation. The key is to determine if you'd prefer a headstart heading into the new year or to start all over again.

If you want a headstart while still being able to indulge then read on. I'll give you some ways you can maintain healthy holiday eating…read on…

Be Smart By Being Mentally Prepared 

Let's be real. There is going to be an abundance of food and desserts. Relying strictly on willpower ends up backfiring. Those willpower muscles aren't strong enough. They become weak causing you to eat everything in front of you. Your inbox is already packed with invitations, and during this season, we hardly say no to such. However, try as much as possible to ‘pre-game’ before attending. Don’t go to a social gathering with an empty stomach, as you will stand the risk of overeating, (just imagine the temptations that await you)!

Your will power to say no to food will be weak. This is the same principle as ‘don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach’. In both cases, you will end up putting something in your cart that you just don’t need to.

Control What Goes On Your Plate

Would you like to stay healthy and develop and maintain good eating habits? This is the perfect start for your weight loss efforts. You will need to control your food portions. All year, you have been maintaining a balance of the food groups, don’t break now.

If you haven’t. This is a starting point. If you overcome this, you're on your way to good eating. For this particular measure, focus on eating until you are satisfied and not stuffed.

You can, however, modify to compensate for various days, by increasing salads on certain days and having it as a side on meaty or carb days. In that way you eat your salad first so you won't overeat as your stomach will now be half empty.

A or B, It’s Down to Choice!

Think of your diet as the intense moment in Indiana Jones. Choose wisely! You already know what is healthy for you, all you need is a moment of clarity to piece things together. You have had French fries for lunch, do you really want to have more for dinner?

A burger may sound like a lovely idea, but you have had three already. This is the time to look for something fresh. Why not have baked options instead of deep fried? It doesn't always have to be a salad. Have some fresh fruit instead of a pie or a handful of nuts. Focus on healthy holiday eating.

Calorie in Calorie Out

Staying healthy will require you to keep an eye out on your calorie intake. Most of the Christmas dishes will be rich in calories, and without a monitor or a keen mind, you will succumb to this calorie crush! If you don’t trust your mental sums, you could use the aid of a phone application.

There are dozens of fitness and health apps (Runner-up, SparkPeople, Noom Coach). Create an account and fill in your details to have a recommendation. If you have one going on for you, stick to it.

Everything is in phone apps these days. What a great time to be alive! Remember, calorie in, calorie out. You are what you eat, most of the times. Avoid the holiday weight gain.

Tell "Santa" What You Want

We’re in the 21st century, and long gone are the days when one would blindly give you a random gift. With lists from kids, adults have also adapted to this culture. Well, why not have a gift that works for your best interests?

Why not keep fitness and health in mind when asking for a gift? Don’t think large scale, like a treadmill. This could be as subtle as a 3 month subscription to a gym and spa, a fitness watch and tracker or just a pair of dumbbells.

With a gift as such, trust me, you will stay fit through the festivities. Plus you won't want to disappoint the person giving you the gift.

Stick to Your Regular Scheduled Program

If there is one thing that should be a priority at any time of the year is your workout schedule. This is what in most cases will help to burn the calories you will consume during the holidays. No one in their healthy lives or fit body said they regretted working out.

However, regret comes when you skip workouts. Quite understandably you might be busier during this time of the year. If working out is challenging then do shorter more intense workouts. Think of this as an obligation to yourself.

You owe you one. When your schedule is less hectic then you will be able to get into the swing of things again. You'll hit the ground running on your weight loss efforts. It will also give you the psychological edge to say no to certain foods.

Why would you go through an intense workout session to negate your efforts by eating a high calorie meal.

Shopping List

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Don't Skip Your Meals

You may be on vacation during this time of the year freeing up some time. Take it from someone who has been idle, your need to eat all the time skyrockets. You'll often find yourself having breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and snack, dinner, midnight snack and others in between these.

The worst part is, you might not pick this habit. The easiest way to avoid this is to have a schedule of specifically timed meal, as you would before and after the holidays.

If you used to be satisfied with three meals a day, stick to that. Another extreme is probably skipping meals. This is just as bad as overeating. One can be termed as unhealthy the other as anorexic. Don't deprive or starve yourself; you do need those meals a day. It's actually a good way to lose weight.

Keep It Fresh and Green

When you go to social gatherings, it’s courteous to bring something. In the spirit of staying healthy, why not add a vegetable and fruit platter? With a healthy option always available, you will tend to balance out your plate and even achieve most of which has been discussed.

You also have the added benefit of helping others to enjoy healthy holiday eating and avoiding the holiday weight gain.

Treat Yourself a Little

You will be tempted during the holiday season. However, it's always good to reward yourself a little. If you eat any of your favorite pies or candy do so in moderation. Once you maintain your exercise routine and healthy eating during the holidays you can treat yourself.

Slow down while you eat to indulge in any rich foods or flavors. Chocolate and cocoa make up of some of the sweet holiday treats. They may also play a special role in your diet. The dark chocolate (70% or more) and cocoa contain antioxidants called flavanols. Studies suggest that they may promote heart health.

Family time

The last form of health is an emotional one. It’s the season to be jolly, and where else would you rather be than beside your loved ones? Share the gift of giving and the toasty warmness of being around each other. Have an oh so Merry Christmas.

Which key would you like to try? Leave it in the comment section below.


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