Key Areas You Need To Focus On For Effective Weight Loss

Losing weight is challenging. lish. Of course, there are more serious issues, but that's exactly the point. A lot of people view gaining a lot of weight as "nothing"... like it isn't something to worry about. However, the reverse is actually the case.

Losing weight easily improves your health, appearance and even your mental state. It can boost your confidence and helps you become more active. Now, even though it has all of these benefits, it's still a problem for a lot of people.

Take this scenario for example, there are a lot of people that have probably gotten a gym membership, but have never used it. Perhaps they make it the first and second time, and after that, they look for the most insignificant reasons not to go. This isn't because they are lazy, but because they started on the wrong path.

The biggest misconception a lot of people have about weight loss is that you need to immediately work yourself to the limit. Unless your body is used to that type of routine, it will have a negative impact.

To lose weight effectively, there are some key areas you have to focus on;


Losing weight isn't only about the physical or what you eat, but what goes on psychologically.

Attaining a specific goal is difficult and weight loss goals aren't left out. Sometimes, you need motivation and desire to help you achieve your goals.

You can achieve this by talking to people that have been in your situation; people that wanted to lose weight and actually went through with it. This will increase your desire to want to lose weight and start your journey.

A good way to motivate yourself to do better is by setting goals. It could be adding a mile to run or increasing your reps as you train. Completing those small milestones will prep you for bigger achievements.

Portion Control

The next step to achieving tremendous weight loss results is to work from the inside first. As the saying goes "you are what you eat", hence you should be mindful of what you put into your body.

Your weight is a clear reflection of exactly what you put in your body. So, be more mindful about what you eat.

Sometimes, the amount of food consumed by you is a huge factor that adds to your weight gain. So, you need portion control, which you can achieve by eating with a salad plate.

A salad plate is just 7 inches in diameter and will do. For soups and stews, try using the 1 serving size (11/2 cups). With proper portion control, you're assured of eating the right number of calories always.

Also, sugar is a major ingredient in most refined and processed food. Unfortunately, they have so many detrimental effects on the body.

To achieve great weight loss goals, you need to rid your diet of refined sugars and focus on whole foods. You can opt for other natural sweeteners that are great for your body like honey, maple syrup, and Stevia.

Another thing you should take seriously is avoiding carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola. These drinks, although refreshing, contain high amounts of sugar that aid in constant weight gain.

Additionally, another way to cut down on calories and lose weight properly is to eat strategically. Try eating 3 small meals and 2-3 healthy snacks daily.

Pick out a day every week when you can eat whatever you like. Avoid dairy products that have more than 0%-1% fat in them. Also, stay away from alcohol.

Do not eat deep-fried foods or red meat, instead, invest in lean cut meats and fruits & vegetables.


Water is the best option for staying hydrated always. Water is great for detoxification; ridding your organs of toxins. Also, water helps with replacing energy zapped when dehydrated.

You should have 8 glasses/2 liters of water daily. Asides from water, you can opt for a glass of juice, however, unless they're freshly squeezed, they are bad for you. Most juices contain huge grams of sugar that are bad for you.


The next major aspect of losing weight properly is effective exercising. Exercising could be either Cardiovascular or Strength training exercises.

While cardiovascular exercises are great for working the entire body and burning fat, strength training is the opposite. Strength training exercises work for certain parts of the body and involves a lot of weights and endurance exercises. However, picking out the right exercises for you depends on your current weight.

The first step to exercising properly is starting small. 30 minutes daily is a great first step to prepping your body for more exercising.

You can improve your workout by increasing the duration with 15 minutes in each routine.

The next step is using the best workout routine for you. Everyone's fitness needs are different and depend entirely on your body type and problem areas.

So, you need to figure out what your problem areas are before starting to exercise. Also, there are a variety of workout challenges for beginners to choose from.

Additionally, having a friend who you go to the gym with or keep a diet with can be all you need to get better results. They help you be more accountable and stay focused on your routine.

Even more, group exercises have a way of helping you maintain great energy levels while working out. Also, it's a lot more fun compared to exercising alone.

Unless you're a creature of habit, performing the same routine of exercises in a specific place can be boring. Switch it up... try hiking sometimes or participate in different group classes.

Also, technology makes literally everything easier right now. There are so many apps that can help you track your progress as you work. This can easily motivate you to do more.

To Wrap It Up

Ensuring all these areas are checked excellently will help you notice a major difference in your weight loss goals. You'll become stronger and healthier in no time.

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