Why you're not in shape? Why can't I get in shape? Have you ever asked yourself this question? You've been working out for a while...maybe a year or two or several years. However, you find it seems almost impossible to see any major change.

Don't worry you are not alone in the struggle. Many others struggle the same way. Here are some maybe's as to why you're not in shape.

Maybe you're on social media too much...watch too much television/movies or play too many video games. The time that appears

You exercise only when you feel like it

Stress and little rest (put book here)

You're trying to get the perfect look

You don't move enough

You don't forgive...

You don' measure progress

Stress too much...ebook here

You have a vice you won't give up: eating late, overeating, sweet tooth

You don't have a goal

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