Shape Utopia: 50 Answers To Your Ideal Physique


Are you struggling with weight loss? Have you tried everything and you're almost ready to give up? 


It's not a problem you can afford to ignore. 


It only makes things worse and puts you at risk for chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. 

Your solution is at hand because I have found a way out and can show you how. In just 50 simple steps 

You’ll Learn:

How to zap body fat in less than 1 week.

Which foods help you maintain a healthy weight. 

Easy exercises you can do from anywhere.

To stay motivated to workout. 

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"I've learned what foods to eat before I workout. I also know how to incorporate moderate exercise during my lunch break at work. Though my goal was not to bulk up it was interesting to read the difference between losing weight and bulking up”

N. Spencer

Project Manager Virginia

 “I have found this ebook to deliver insights into many topics related to fitness. This ebook is full of variety and actionable steps. The knowledge and expertise displayed in this ebook has allowed me to achieve my fitness goals.”

T. Williams

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G. Carrington 

Teacher, Trinidad

"I found this ebook right on time! As a mother of two I have struggled with getting the motivation and information that I need to get in better shape. What I appreciate the most about the book is learning about the different fitness terms. I know exactly what changes I needto make which will also enable me to be a better mother to my kids.”

R. Pinder

Criminal Justice Virginia 

"This is a great resource for anyone looking to make a positive change in their lifestyle. I was very impressed by the way the book lays the information in a way that can easily be understood by the reader. The question answer format is a wonderful way of finding answers to the exact questions that may be of utmost importance to the reader. I am on a journey to improve my own health and having the answers can help me achieve my fitness goals. I recommend this book if you are on your quest to improve yourself.”

D. Pieres

University Lecturer Daytona Beach 

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About the author 

Keeon Taylor is the founder of Supreme Holistic Fitness and has influenced over 5,000 individuals to live a healthier lifestyle. His tools are a changed mindset, good nutrition and effective exercise. In one year he decided to record the most popular questions asked by his clients and people in his social media groups. They are now revealed to you in a concise format. You now have the opportunity to achieve your ideal shape.