• The Hidden Reasons Why You’re Out of shape

    Why am I out of shape? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Maybe you’ve been working out for the past year or two. Instead, weight loss results escape you time and time again. It seems almost impossible to see any major change in your body.
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  • 5 Powerful Healthy Eating Habits For Weight Loss

    I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat”. In other words if you eat healthy you become healthy. Every good habit you create produces desirable results. Thus, good healthy eating habits will meet your dietary, nutritional and food craving needs.
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  • Lose Weight By Overcoming These 5 Excuses

    Let’s face it. We use excuses to get away from a lot of things in life. A little bit of self-soothing theory can lead to bad decision making. You reason yourself out of doing something by putting it off till the next day. But is it worth it?
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  • Why You Should Not Count Calories To Lose Weight

    Have you ever found yourself looking at the calorie count on a food label? Maybe you’re making sure it does not have too many. So with every food item you buy you use a calculator to add the calories per serving. One cup of cooked rice: 120. One mashed potato: 100. One cup of ice cream: 200. M...
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  • 7 Weight Loss Excuses and How to Crush Them

    Let’s face it – we use many excuses to get away from a lot of things in life. We push them off for a couple of days until it slips our mind and we forget. We make these excuses out of laziness, or because we hate getting out of our comfort zone and doing new things. One of the biggest ex...
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  • Why You Can’t Spot Reduce Body Fat

    Make no mistake about it. Everyone has a stubborn area on their body where they can’t seem to get rid of body fat. Even those who seem to be in great shape. No one seems to be immune. Some people have love handles, flabby arms, sagging skin and the ultimate dread…belly fat.
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