• 4 Proven Ways To Lose Your Stubborn Belly Fat

    Your quest to lose belly fat can be a daunting task. Sometimes it seems that the fat is like an unwanted roommate with no intentions of moving out. It’s time to serve an eviction notice.  Achieving weight loss and a slimmer waistline is not impossible so don’t get discouraged. Sit up str...
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  • Unique Reasons You’re Struggling To Get In Shape

    It’s very hard to get in shape nowadays, as there are lots of distractions such as fast food or late night snacking. But if you’re struggling to lose weight, then you should know that there are many ways to eliminate the extra pounds and stay in shape for the long term.
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  • The Best Exercise For Aging Muscles

    What Happens When We Agе? We start losing muscle from as early as 30 years. Aging takes a toll оn the body which extends all the way tо the сеllulаr level. Our aging muѕсlеѕ lоѕе рrесіоuѕ mіtосhоndrіа (energy) making them wеаkеr. They are then unаblе to rеgеnеrаtе аѕ quісklу as they dіd in оur young...
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  • The Hidden Reasons Why You’re Out of shape

    Why am I out of shape? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Maybe you’ve been working out for the past year or two. Instead, weight loss results escape you time and time again. It seems almost impossible to see any major change in your body.
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  • 5 Powerful Healthy Eating Habits For Weight Loss

    I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat”. In other words if you eat healthy you become healthy. Every good habit you create produces desirable results. Thus, good healthy eating habits will meet your dietary, nutritional and food craving needs.
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