• 3 Guaranteed Actions That Will Help You Commit To Exercise

    The summer days are long gone. Along with it is your motivation and self-discipline to commit to exercise. Don’t worry you’re not alone. It’s our natural tendency to stay home or relax after a long day at the office especially when there is a drop in temperature. However, maintaining self-discipline...
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  • 10 Proven Strategies That Will Make You Easily Exercise Daily

    Sticking to a daily exercise routine is not easy.  There are plenty of legitimate barriers – time, family, work, injuries and boredom. Still, these challenges should not get in your way. Let me show you how to overcome them so you find… It’s Easy to Exercise Daily! We’ll create the...
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  • Weight Loss Frustrations: How To Crush Challenges Losing Weight

    How easy would you say is losing weight? According to time magazine the weight loss industry is worth $66.3 billion dollars. This includes diet pills, meal plans and fancy gym memberships. I’m sure you’ve heard “just take this pill or supplement” or “buy this exercise e...
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  • The Whole Truth About Carbohydrates!

    What are carbohydrates? They are the body’s main energy source giving us the power and vigour to move. It is much like fuel needed by cars to run. Like fuel, the quality of carbs makes a difference. Would you choose health-risk French fries and white rice over the more beneficial brown rice and quin...
  • How To Shop Smart And Eat Healthy On A Budget

    People usually choose their food in one of two ways… …either foods that are inexpensive and convenient or foods that are healthy and benefit the body. The result is that you either save money and struggle to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.
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  • Survival Advice From 10 Fitness Experts For The holidays

    Maybe you’ve made good progress throughout the year. You stuck to your exercise routine, ate healthy, slept well and stayed hydrated. But, now the holidays are here. It’s a time for celebrations. This means there’s an abundance of sugary and fatty foods ready to throw you off your health...