7 Steps to Know
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7 Steps You Ought To Know About Fitness

Discover The 7 Step Formula Fitness Experts Use For The Best Results

For people who want to know the simple steps to achieving their fitness goals without wasting time...

  • Overcome the number one hurdle keeping you from getting back in shape so eating right and exercise becomes a breeze.
  • Learn the simple action steps you can take so you eventually start feeling good about yourself.
  • How to set an easy one sentence goal to keep you on track so you don't give up along the way and get depressed.

"This book was a simple read that made it clear and easy to understand the process for getting in shape. I felt as if I had a personal trainer holding my hand every step of the way. There were even action steps to follow to help me achieve my fitness goal."

P. Codrington, FX & Treasury Agent